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How to read Mercedes W203 C220 1J35D MCU by R270

Do you know how easily use R270 BDM Programmer to read Mercedes W203 C220 1J35D MCU dump? R270 Programmer read MB W203 1J35D MCU manual, pinout and instruction here!


R270 Programmer read MB W203 1J35D MCU dump steps:

First, connect it with laptop and open R270 Programmer software.

Click the “MCU” button and select “1J35D” on “HC908”section, click “OK”.


Click “Picture” button on right side then choose “W203-1J35D” option, click “OK”.


R270 Programmer will show MB W203 1J35D MCU pinout and wiring diagram as below:


So you can connect R270 Programmer with 1J35D MCU via the 26 pin cable.



OK, all preparation works done! Select “Eeprom” and “8M” and click the “Read” button on right side, it starts to read dump.


It will ask “Do you check PIN state?” Click “No” to go on.

Now just wait 1 to 3 minutes and dump reading process 100% complete!



After R270 BDM Programmer successfully read Mercedes W203 1J35D MCU, you can save the dump bin file!

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