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How to Read Mercedes W639 EIS 4J74Y via VVDI Prog

Question: hi have anyone managed to read 4J74Y on EIS W639??!! because there is no schema inside Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer, I’ve made the same wiring as 1L02M, and added the CLK wiring to PIN59 but cant crack the chip … maybe I’ve lost something onto my way.
How to:
use wiring as 1L02M + OSC to 59pin = right and enough….but for read choice from MCU –> MC68HC(9)08 –> HC908AZ60 EEP (4J74Y) and success….i read through this way more 4J74Y in W639 EZS all successfully readed
wiring diagram for this MCU in W639 EZS coming soon in some next VVDI Prog SW update i think…
i make some pictures of this type W639 EZS with this MCU and with other one as 3K85K too .

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