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Free Download CG Pro 9S12 V1.4.0.0 Software (2018-06-16)

CG-Pro 9S12 Programmer software Update to V1.4.0.0 on June 16th, 2018.

1. Add Key Matching

Porsche BCM-1N35H

Porsche BCM-2M25J

Porsche BCM-5M48H

2. Add Anti-theft Computer

Land Rover BCM-XEP100

Land Rover BCM-XEP768

3.Add chip

NEC D70F3548

NEC D70F3558

NEC D70F3585

NEC D70F3385

NEC D70F3469

NEC D70F3628

Motorola-9S12 9S12HA32-0M34S

Motorola-9S12 9S12HY32-0M34S

Motorola-9S12 9S12HA48-0M34S

Motorola-9S12 9S12HY48-0M34S

Motorola-9S12 9S12HA64-0M34S

Motorola-9S12 9S12HY64-0M34S

Motorola-9S12 9S12XHY128-0M23Y

Motorola-9S12 9S12XHY256-0M23Y

Motorola-9S12 9S12HZ128-3L16Y

Motorola-9S12 9S12HZ256-3L16Y

Motorola-9S12 9S12XEP768-4M48H

4. Optimized wiring diagram view function interface

5. Fixed picture M35080 adapter

6. Fixed the problem that read CAS4 PFLASH Backup actually read the Dflash

7. Fixed HC705 Series Chip unrelated issues



Free download CGDI Pro 9S12 V1.4.0.0 software

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