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UPA USB v1.3 with Large Scripts Database Free Download

UPA USB v1.3 ecu programmer with huge Scripts database download for free. 100% working, tested on Window 10. Credit to fiazhnd from DK forum.


Cas scripts
EWS scripts
Complete Nippon Seiki solution (autodetect millage)
JONSON CONTROLS and much more.

Denso solution


Free Download UPA USB scripts (Including 2092 scripts)

No pass!!!
Denso complete solution no matter which company car it is as long as the cluster by Denso, you can change the mileage with UPA USB.

Initially created two type of algo calculation 0x00-0x6F and 0x00-1F.


Setup 1: Load the file or read EEPROM
Setup 2: Read the millage by selecting one of the algo (Must be 100% accurate)
Setup 3: Write the new mileage with same algo either 1 or 2.

Free Download UPA Denso solution (ASK the technician for pass)

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