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Fgtech Galletto V54 clone write safety PCR 2.1

Here is the instruction on writing stately PCR 2.1 with Fgtech Galletto 4 V54 master clone for those who do not have original tools.  All you need it’s UPA USB and Galletto V54 China clone!

Credits to Mr. mercas who made this tutorial.

On forum exist a lot of threads with bricked ecu’s because Galletto,Kess or other tool don’t unlock ok every time this ecu on bootmode,

or ecu was already unlocked by another tuner.

This steps were tested by 3 PCR ECU’s from 3 different years and all was ok.

How to write safety PCR 2.1 with Galletto v54 China clone!

1. Read flash OBD with fgtech v54 clone;

2 Open ecu Carefully!! and put it back to car to test if you don’t destroy it when you open;

3 read eeprom 25640 with 2 different programmers(i used upa and xprog M), and compare it;

4 unlock with program PCR2.1-Simos8 Unlock 1.1 25640 eeprom (Search it on MHHAUTO forum);

5 solder eeprom back;

6 start car;

7 go with VCDS look variable Measuring block 497;

If production it’s locked;

If sample then unlocked ;

8 read flash again by obd(it will be the same like first read);

9 modify files and make checksum with winOLS;

10 write flash by OBD, if fail, write original without read id data;

Here is a manual way how to do the unlock in Winols:

open the eeprom (25640) on winols

choose the decimal mode

and 16 bit

go to the address 24A

24A 24C 24E and 250

we will calculate this 4 value

you will 65535 – 24A value

write it to 24A

for example on my file 17052 is 24A value

65535 – 17052


you will write 48483 to 24A

the you will do it same for 24C

65535 – 24C = will new value

for example in my file 34224 is 24C value

65535 – 34224 = 31311 is new value for 24C

you will calcuate this 4 value

and save and write the file

after do that

to be sure

calculate the all 4 values ori and tuned.

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