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How to remap a ECU on the table with New Genius

New Genius ecu chip tuning tool manual: how to use New Genius K-touch to read&write/flash/remap a ECU on the table.


You should have:

John Deere L21-L33 cable

New-Genius-John_Deere_L21- L33_cable

New Genius Flash Point


( it’s genuine, but maybe you can have a try with china clone K-Touch)



How-to: New Genius flash a ECU on the table


Step 1

After removing the ECU from the tractor, wait for 2-3 minutes before you start the operation


Step 2

IMPORTANT: ignition must be off


Step 3

Connect the New Genius with F32GN032 diagnostic cable


Step 4

Connect the L21-L33 cable to the ECU (ignition must be off)


Step 5

Connect the power cable from the L21-L33 with a power supply (+12V)



Step 6

Select the correct vehicle and protocol FLASH_363


IMPORTANT: select TOOL to read at first the injector codes. For more info about this, take it from the Flashpoint Application list.


Step 7

After reading the injector codes successfully, start to read the ECU



If the New Genius writes ECU, switch off the ignition, switch it off and wait until the Ampere cool down ca. 0.35A, before you click on OK on the New Genius! (cool down time ca. 10 sec)


Ignition OFF ca. 0.34-0.35 Ampere

Ignition ON ca. 1.10-1.20 Ampere


Reading ca. 50 sec.

Writing ca. 1min 50sec.



Usually, New Genius clone (also named Ktouch) can work as the original.

But if you decide to have a clone, you’d better read the post

New Genius original vs. New Genius K-touch china clone

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