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How to use Carprog to Change Opel PSG16 Mileage and VIN

Here’s little guide to change Opel CAN system VP44 Bosch PSG16 ECU mileage and VIN using Carprog 8.21 full clone online version airbag tool.


Make the connection between ECU and carprog as pictures



Open Carprog software

Select ECU->Opel CAN->Bosch PSG16 v0.4-> Read All Info


Carprog v8.21 display ecu mileage, VIN and pin code


Change mileage and VIN.

Enter mileage and PIN value you desired


Click on Change VIN and confimed


Click on Change Mileage and confirm


Remove ignition 10 seconds.
Read another time eeprom with new value.

Open Carprog software, read eeprom information again


Mileage and VIN has been changed.


Note: From PSG16 CarProg can read only some part of RAM. This memory dump cannot be writied back – you can just read. You cannot clone PSG16 with CarProg! You can just read PIN, change odometer and reset ECU (make it virgin).

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