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How to Change Citroen Berlingo 2004 Mileage with Carprog

Questions before entering:

I want to modify the mileage of an citroen berlingo 2009. I don’t know what tool i need to purchase and i have no clear instructions found for this car.
Can you guys help me with that?
The information that i already know is that reprogramming is needed in the bsi by Nec and an second time in the odometer by the eeprom if i’m correct?



With UPA USB you can do the work. It’s cheap and good.
Berlingo 2009 has EEPROM at BSI and TACHO.

dash 95020
bsi 95128 or 95160

read with upa usb 95128 from BSI. If your upa does not have 95128 option, try to read as 25C128.

Read 95128 content and write only part where mileage is stored. Quicker and safer.

Any programmer who supports the 25XX or 95XX family, does. Such as Carprog, TL866CS.
Attention to the reading and writing of the eeprom, if the programmer does not read or write well, the car no more starts.


Here’s an example on Citroen Berlingo 2001-2004 BSI odometer correction by caprog 8.21 online version.


read/write eeprom 95160 (change mileage) berlingo bsi 2004 with carprog

carprog-change-citroen-berlingo-km-1 carprog-change-citroen-berlingo-km-2

Read KM

Original mileage: 148324KM

carprog-change-citroen-berlingo-km-3 carprog-change-citroen-berlingo-km-4

Enter odometer you desire to change, click on Write KM


Change mileage success.


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