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Ktag Pinouts to Unlock Smart 453 Bosch ME17.9.20 GPT


Does anyone know the password release method for “Smart fortwo 453 ECU Bosch ME 17.9.20”?

My tuning tool is K-Tag Master Clone




if you use ktag 6.070 – it does not work.
this gpt ecu


ME17.9.20 TC1782

smart med 17.9.20 1-x5hi2z

smart med 17.9.20 pin-1cif3rd

ME17.9.20 IROM TC1782 GPT KTAG 7.020

ME17.9.20 IROM TC1782 GPT KTAG 7.020 3-1hl3fp6

ME17.9.20 IROM TC1782 GPT KTAG 7.020 2-1ehz3by

ME17.9.20 IROM TC1782 GPT KTAG 7.020 1-wufc8x

If you fail with ktag 7.020, best way out fаind a friend with the original ktag 6.070

To read and write this ecu you best use the original Ktag 6.070
Also needed GPT
You can read it like Renault ME17.9.20 TC1782
Or buy ktag KTM100 v7.003 from china.

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