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How to use WinOLS tuning to correct checksums

So here is a little tutorial – how to make checksums for ecu files with Winols tuning software, that should help all of you who don’t know how to do this get started using Winols.
Winols 2.24 software download:
Checksums are very important, get them wrong and car won‘t start or even worse
1. If you haven’t installed Winols 2.24 first, then do so, it can be found here on CT using the search button, this is not the search box
2. Open Winols, and after you will see the empty working box, picture 1A. Now drag and drop your ecu file onto this box as in picture 1B. Now in picture 1, you can see there are 3 checksums that need correcting, Winols will do this for you.
3. Follow the instructions in following pictures and this should get you started making checksum for your own files.
Run Winols
Drag petio 3,.0 asn_lambda_off_nochecks.bin into Winols
You will see the pop-up: 3 checksum(s) not correct
Correct the original data file
Map search in progress
All CS ok -Checksum block 5: okay
Project->Ex-&Import->Export file…
Enter info
Select Binary file
Save as petio 3,.0 asn_lambda_off_nochecks_csok.bin
All CS ok -Checksum block 5: okay
In summary, how to checksum correcting by Winols chip tuning software:
  1. First, drag and drop the original untouched file into Winols in the same way as in the pictures. When it has finished loading the original file …then
    2. you can now drag and drop your modified file ontop of the original file you already loaded into Winols.
    3. Now you can follow the checksum procedure steps exactly as described in the pictures, correcting modfile checksums.
Attachment:Included are two ecu files, Audi A6 3.0 lambda off ME7.1.1, one with “nochecks” (no checksum) and the other with “csok” (checksum ok).
petio 3,.0 asn_lambda_off_nochecks_csok.rar
petio 3,.0 asn_lambda_off_nochecks.rar
Q: I found a stage1 tuning file and while I was inserting it into Winols it says me: “This software version cannot be processed, since it is already modified” Could somebody please help me what does it mean?
A: Open the file in a simple hex editor, click search txt string NOREAD
when you find the words “noread” write over them with FFFFFF, save changes and try again with Winols
Q: If I read and write files with Kess V2 or KTag clone did they make checksum correction or must be done with Winols?
A: With those tools checksum will be done in writing

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