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How to disable Nissan Almera N16 MEC32-241 Immo with Ktag

Here’s the tutorial on disabling immo (immo off) on a Nissan Almera 1.5 QG15DE engine .


Disclaimer: The tutorial was made by a Russian technician. We just translated it for educational purpose.

ktag-Nissan-Almera-MEC32-241 -immo-off-1   Appearance with the connection.

The offspring of the classic from Hitachi:

ktag-Nissan-Almera-MEC32-241 -immo-off-2

Schematic – classics of the genre, – processor SH 7055, MW eeprom 93C66, power supply with a pulse source (PowerSO case and throttle in the upper right corner), logic and drivers of all the reasons for damage in other cases.

ktag-Nissan-Almera-MEC32-241 -immo-off-3

The lower part does not bear any components.


Since the NATS5-5.6 and 6th notifier was not written, but it needed faster – it was decided to dig deeper and get the flash of the processor for an immobilizer.

First, the processor was read via the AUD interface of the KTAG master tuning ecu programmer. The picture shows that the immo from the classic alemra has been selected by another control unit. But the topology of the boards is 1 in 1. The only difference is in the software and the absence of its external industry.

ktag-Nissan-Almera-MEC32-241 -immo-off-4



After a thoughtful “scrutiny” of the flash and patch – the immo was also accurately recorded on the uartu cart. But when you turned on the table, you got errors on the check sum and on the failure of the immo itself. It was too lazy to get the wire again, and I remembered MMC Flasher

ktag-Nissan-Almera-MEC32-241 -immo-off-5

MMC flasher.


He by the way perfectly reads and writes this immo on to-line and considers control on a flush.

History finale:

ktag-Nissan-Almera-MEC32-241 -immo-off-6


Immobilizer indicators/lights turns on in connection with the lack of synchronization immo with the motor. The car works 🙂 Look at the tachometer

ktag-Nissan-Almera-MEC32-241 -immo-off-7


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