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Xpog UPA TL866 Mini Pro J-Link Programmers Overview

Review of ecu/eeprom/mcu programmers that I have, TL866, xprog, upa, jtag etc


1. TL866 Mini Pro.
The developer’s site
shells from the developer MiniPro and WizardProg.


Universal programmer with a wide range of chips.


There are two types of TL866CS and TL866A. The first allows programming only through the crib and adapters, the latter is supplemented with in-circuit ICSP programming.

TL866CS can be flashed into TL866A, although I would immediately take it with ICSP.


Working with MiniPro


Allows flashing.


The widest list of chips that works. Does not support Motorola.

Good help in the edge you can raise the datasheet. When in-circuit programming is capricious to power, the overload protection is triggered (it is solved by supplying power to the device).


Developer’s site

Works with its own shell, very good device. Programming is via a 9-pin connector, you can work without adapters. There is much less list of programmable microcircuits in comparison with MiniPro, then it supports Motorola.  Allows you to connect an external power source.



List of supported Motorola and microcircuits


UPA in operation

Plus: a large number of calculators for working on Pascal Script.


3. Xprog
Developer site
Works with its own shell, good and understandable help. You can stitch it from its connectors or from adapters.


A wider list of Motorola, support for ST7, ST10. Work with devices,  immo, etc.


Working with ST10F


4. J-Link
Developer site
Works with a wide range of microcontrollers that allow JTAG programming.


Unusual box with a wide range of functions.


The list of cpu that are supported can not be listed. Especially in version 6.20


Can be used with many programmer, such as KESSKTAGCarprog, etc.

Allows flashing Sambo or JTAG (who suffers). Supports scripts.


All four programmers are stable in operation.

Credit to Mr. ProDvizhenie.

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