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Nissan 350Z ECU Remapping using Ktag on Bench

Today we have been tuning Nissan 350Z’s for increased power. Although they power gain is only around 10-15BHP and 20Nm of torque they drive so much smoother. From the initial test drive on the road the mid range punch becomes noticeable pulling stronger to the rev limiter in every gear. We would say this feels more like 20+bhp increase on the road.


The earlier 350Z uses a Hitachi ECU that can only be tuned on the Bench with our K-Tag Ksuite  remapping tool. We first off remove the ecu from the car and then prepare the ecu for connection. 8 Wires are then soldered onto the main board (as seen in the photo) so we have communication to read the software from the ecu. Once we have this we can then begin to modify the software to performance and re-code the file. The 8 wires have to be de-soldered and using a new loom 5 wires have to be re-soldered onto a different place of the ecu so that we can flash the modified file back to the ecu. The whole job takes around 3 hours start to finish but with great results.



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