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Benz Sprinter 2010 EZS Pinouts to Xprog and R270


Do odometer correction on 2010 Sprinter Van. I need the soldering points for the ezs/eis.I can’t actually see the mask but after extensive reading every points to them having the 0L01Y mask. Which programmer will work?


R260 original ok

clone rosfar,ok

xprog clone ok

R270 ok

Use xprog the pinouts for xprog is what posted below. i always do this with xprog and never had a problem just select in device options ” read and verify ” make sure it is NOT selected and you should be ok , use the BDM adaptor with xprog for it

here is the settings i use and you know the story always keep backup of the files you read





Here are R270 wires:

2- +5v

24,26- ground

7- reset

19- background


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