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Original and Clone Orange5 Programmer Which to choose?

Lets Comapre Orange original VS Clone for users whos still confused

Orange 5 ORIGINAL with Full adapters = Price 700 euro + Shiping
Lisence Price
M08V NEW = €50
Immo HPX 9V0 = €300
NEC V850ES/SJ3 V850ES/SG3  UART = €60
NEC V850E2 NEW = €60

So total Price is 1170 EURO


Orange 5 Clone With Full Adapters = Price 150 usd

M08V NEW = Free
Immo HPX 9V0 = Free
NEC V850ES/SJ3 V850ES/SG3  UART = Free
NEC V850E2 NEW = Free

So total Price is 150 usd

And the Clone one Work Perfect , don’t trust anyone who say that’s the original better than Clone ..



OEM Orange5 reviews:

1) I buy Orange5 china clone. Work great. Now i check in hc05b8, hc11e9, and eeproms. All read and write very fast.

2)Hi all received my o5 and tested
93c66,46,56, 24c02,04
S190, hc08(1j35d)ss read eeprom and flash
Hc05x32 ss and read all went good.

3)Great programmer. All that is stated works. If the speed of exchange is not important, you can do a lot. Many good calculators

4)So far its reading and writing (with verify) all eeproms i try. Good tool so far.

5)The main point orange 5 clone isn’t so bad as clones can be.

Good investment for sure .
6)Straight out of the box this Orange 5 clone read and write eproms 95640 and 95P08C3 in circuit no problem with no errors, but I had to make sure that my connections to the chip via test clip were all good and then tool work like charm. I like it so far. very simple to use.


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