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Fgtech Galletto Read EDC17C19 via OBD or Boot Mode

Question:Can you read and write edc17c19 with fgtech galletto? Anyone have experience ?? I can’t find much info … Maybe somebody done with galetto and can give instructions ???


1). Galletto works with this ECU without any problems, manual for tricore in app folder. 

2). It is possible to read it in boot mode with galetto.

3). Kess china work on obd… I tested on insignia of 2010 with kess v2 2.23 and 2.47…

4). i recommend you to flash with galletto or else over boot mode. Its the safest way. Ok, you can try to flash over obd. If you car wont start, you can recover over boot / bdm with ktag galletto or else, if you have. If you don’t have, some tools, go save and flash by boot mode.

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