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HexProg Software 1.0.24 Adds EDC16 and ME9 Ecus

Microtronik HexProg Software released to Version 1.0.24 (July 29th, 2020).

100+ Ecus added in this version, most of them are those have MPC5XX MCUs like EDC16X and ME9X/MEV9X. In this version we corrected some issues reported by Hextag users like some Ecus with ST10 result a “Timeout Error”, Continental SIMOS 18 unlock, Ford Continental SID209, … and we added more Tricore Ecus too.

We added a new family of EEPROM in this version too, no need to a special adapter as the current EEPROM adapter will support this family.

Please note that EDC16X, ME9X and MEV9X require the new Hexprog MPC5XX adapter for boot mode and the Hexprog Power Module adapter for Factory Mode.

  • Alfa Romeo: Boot Mode EDC16C8
  • Alpine: ME9.2.2
  • Audi: EDC16U31, EDC16CP34, EDC16CP34 M&S, EDC16U1, EDC16U34, ED9.1, MED9.1, MED9.1.1, MED9.1.2, MED9.1.5, MED9.5.10
  • Audi: Factory Mode EDC16U31
  • BMW: EDC16C35, EDC16C1, EDC16C31, EDC16C31 M&S, EDC16C35, EDC16CP35, EDC16CP35 M&S, ME9.2, ME9.2, ME9.2.2, ME9.2.2, MEV9.2, MS45, MSV70
  • BMW: Factory Mode EDC16C35
  • Citroen: EDC16C0, EDC16C34, EDC16C34, EDC16CP39
  • FIAT: EDC16C39, EDC16C8, EDC16C9, EDC16C3, EDC16C34, EDC16C7, EDC16CP39, ME9.0, ME9.0C, MEDG17, MEDG17.0, MEDG9.8.1
  • FIAT: Factory Mode EDC17C70
  • Genesis: Continental SIM2K-260
  • Hyundai: EDC15C7, EDC16C39, EDC16CP34, SIM2K-240, SIM2K-242, SIM2K-250, SIM2K-250, SIM2K-251, SIM2K-260, SIM2K-305
  • JMC: EDC17C81
  • Kia: EDC16C39, SIM2K-240, SIM2K-242, SIM2K-250, SIM2K-250, SIM2K-260, SIM2K-305
  • KTM: MED9.1
  • Lamborghini: MED9.1.1
  • Lancia: EDC16C8
  • Lincoln: MEDG17.0
  • Mazda: EDC16C3, EDC16C34, EDC16C7-7
  • Mercedes Benz: EDC16C2, EDC16C32, EDC16CP31, EDC16CP31, EDC16CP36, ME9.7, ME9.7, MED9.7
  • Mini: Factory Mode EDC16C35
  • Mitsubishi: EDC16CP39
  • Peugeot: EDC16C0, EDC16C3, EDC16C34, EDC16C34, EDC16CP39
  • Porsche : MED9.1.1
  • Seat: EDC16U1, EDC16U34, ME7.5.20, MED9.1, MED9.5.10)
  • Sear: Factory Mode EDC16U31, EDC16U34
  • Skoda: EDC16U1, EDC16U34, ME7.5.20, MED9.1, MED9.1, MED9.5.10
  • Skoda: Factory Mode EDC16U31, EDC16U34
  • Volkswagen: EDC16CP34, EDC16U1, EDC16U1 M&S, EDC16U2.1 M&S, EDC16U31, EDC16U31 M&S, EDC16U34, ME7.5.20, ME7.5.30, MED9.1, MED9.1, MED9.1.1, MED9.5.10
  • Volkswagen: Factory Mode EDC16CP34, EDC16U31
  • Volvo: EDC16C34, SID807EVO

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