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CG-Pro 9S12 “No Found Key” Error Working Solution

Here’s the engineer solution to CG pro 9s12 programmer can not detect the key chip and shows error “No found key”.

1, First remove the cover with coil of the cg-pro, and place it as shown in the picture below. And then try to write key.




2. Write key follow cg pro prompts, if still not working, try to put the chip into these places marked red below


3. Avoid touching the coil position by hand and keep the equipment stable during operation
4. Install the cgpro cover after finishing the operation.
Note: Do not break the coil. 

If problem exists, customers can try to buy and replace a L4 inductor on the CG-PRO motherboard which locates in the lower right of the USB interface.

This is old one


This is new one
Inductance model: SHC0603-470m, patch 0603


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