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CGDI MB Reset Mercedes-Benz 722.9 7G TCU

CGDI Prog MB is possible to reset/erase Mercedes-Benz 722.9 7g TCU Transmission Control Unit.  Check step-by-step instructions below:


Run CGDI MB software

Select Auto Commuter function
Select engine type: TCU



Check wiring diagram
Follow diagram to connect cgdi mb with TCU






The diagram need external 12V power. must follow the diagram . Some EGS cable that customers buy from other website can not use with CGMB.







Read TCU information




Read TCU info success




Press Get to get erase password




Calculate erase password successfully.


Press Erase to reset



Erase TCU success
Read information again






TCU has been reset.



The EGS status , if “personalized ” option not marked , “Activated ” option marked,  the EGS has been erased by other tool . This status may will cause erase failure . you need to put it back to car to activate it first ,or use other tool to activate it . Then use CGMB to erase .

After software show you ”erased successfully ” , you need to read the EGS status to check if it correct erase . if not , reboot your cgdi ,do it again

If erase password can not calculate , send your file to CG tech support .They can help you to calculate

After you erased succeed , install TCU back to car, need synchronize with autel, mb star diagnosisetc

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