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How to use AT-200 to Clone BMW MSV80?

I’d like to share my experience with the AT-200 ECU Programmer and MSV80 unlock upgrade.  I had three codes on a customers’ vehicle that came in 2011 BMW 328Cic:

2E7C BSD (Bit-Serial Data Interface) data bus communications fault

2F71 Digital Motor Electronics (DME): electronics box fan, activation

2B3D Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage (DMTL), system fault


While it’s possible all these present faults could be true, it would still be unlikely so I decided to replace the DME.  I had used the AT-200 to replace other ECUs without issue and very easily (MSV80 license is required), however, the MSV80 instructions involves soldering chips on to the board and the instructions are just a small resolution image.  I did not know the orientation of the TJA1050 so I used a multimeter and the data sheet of the chip to determine the correct orientation on the board via voltage and ground.  For the other small resistors I did not know the size and ordered them based on guess and parameters given.  They are 1.6mm in length.  I also had to add another CAN-H and CAN-L wire to my AT-200 plug.


Chips I used: 

771-TJA1050T/CM118 TJA1050T/CM,118, 594-MCT06030D2201BP1 MCT06030

D2201BP100, 80-C603C104K5RAC3121 C0603C104K5RAC3121


After adding the chips I had no issue reading ISN, writing ISN, and for me Backup and Writing of the DME.  I plugged the DME in the car and started it right up without any other ISN changes to CAS or anything else.















Good to know:

  1. Please make the connections shown in the above image 4, because someone feedback he tried to identify the ecu he get the error: connection failed.


  1. You are at your own responsible for any risk when you make the connections by following the above images, because it is from one AT200 user @ wase17.


Alright, hope this article helps those in need and who are curious about this AT-200 ECU Programmer.

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