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KESS3 and Powergate4 Comparison

What is the difference between Alientech KESS3 and the new Powergate 4?


Alientech Powergate 4 vs KESS3



They are separate devices. They use different manager dashboards.


Operation Mode:

Powergate 4 is the OBD version of KESS3 (KESS3 with all OBD protocols). Powergate reads/writes ECU via Powergate App by OBD only.

KESS3 will read/write ECU/TCU via OBD, bench and boot mode.



Powergate4 only does car and motorcycle ECUs. It cannot do trucks, tractors and marines. KESS3 does.


Vehicle coverage:

Powergate 4 has the same OBD coverage as KESS3.

Check: vehicle list


VR Reading:

Powergate supports VR reading as KESS 3.



Powergate App: English & Italian

Kess3: Multi-language, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Russian.



Powergate4 has no software subscription, KESS3 does.



Applicable Users:

Powergate 4: DIYers

KESS3: Professionals, repair shops

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