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AT-200 Read and Write BMW B48 EEPROM Flash

CG AT-200 ecu programmer newly updated BMW F and G series B48 B58 ISN reading, EEPROM & FLASH data reading and writing on bench mode. Example: AT-200 read B48 G series ISN on bench Read ISN Select Brand BMW-> BMW-MG1CS002/MG1CS003_B48/B58_G in AT200 software Check wiring diagram to at200 Connect B48 DME ecu with AT-200 via tester cable     […]

What Device to Read and Write Mercedes SIM271 ECU?

Question: Need to swap a Mercedes SIM271 ECU. Any idea which tool can do it? Option 1:  BitBox Mercedes SIM271 Module BitBox is the module for reading and writing on the bench by CAN-bus for petrol Mercedes-Benz W204/W212 vehicles with Siemens/Continental SIM271 ECUs. The J2534 Tactrix Openport 2.0 interface, BitSoftware Senselock USB dongle and Universal […]

AT-200 Read BMW MSD85 MSD87 MSV90 ISN code

AT200 programmer is confirmed to work good with BMW MSD85 MSD87 MSV90 – able to read isn without any issue! Purpose: To check if the AT200 programmer is working or not source: http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/bmw-at200-ecu-programmer.html Function for the test: Read ISN BMW DMEs for the test: MSD85 MSD87 MSV90 Steps: Step 1: install and run AT-200 programming software Step 2: connect […]

CGDI AT-200 review on BMW DME MSV90 Reading

AT-200 ecu programmer is a new solution to read/write/clone BMW ECU and read ISN code. Support almost all the BMW ECU model for reading and writing: MSV90 MSD85 MSD87 N2055 B38 B48.  Its best solution for changing used computer after broken (Only car computer repair essential. ) BMW AT-200 is able to read BMW ISN Code from DME when […]