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Read and Write EEPROM 93C66 with CG100 Prog III

CG100 Prog III will not only reset airbag/odometer but also read ECU/MCU/EEPROM. Here’s the guide to read and write EEPROM 93C66 by CG100. Remove 93c66 IC chip     Solder it to CG100 EEPROM adapter   Connect EEPROM adapter with CG100 Prog III, then connect CG100 pro with laptop via USB cable Open CG100 software, select Programmer […]

CG100 automatic repair Honda Airbag 77960-T9A-F411-M2

How-to:  repair Honda airbag using CG100 Prog III airbag reset tool. Model: Honda No.: 77960-T9A-F411-M2 Chip: R5F2154 Procedure: Power off vehicle Remove and disassemble the airbag computer, check srs type and chip In CG100 software, select Airbag function->Honda->77960-T9A-F411-M2 Check the wiring diagram, power on CG100 prog, connect CG-100 and airbag module following the wiring connection Reading airbag data […]

CG100 Read BMW MEVD1724 (N20) ISN and VIN data

To program BMW CAS3+/CAS4+ all keys lost, you need decrypt ISN code from DME/DDE.  Here’s the guide to read ISN and VIN on BMW CAS4+ MEVD1724 (N20) engine computer using CG100 Prog III full-featured programmer.   Remove ECU from vehicle Open CG100 software Click on “ECU” Select the engine model Here: BMW E series MEVD1724(N20) CG100 and CAS4+ wiring diagram […]

CG100 Reset Ford Waldoch Mustang Airbag GR3T-14B321-AA

Vehicle: Ford Waldoch Mustang Airbag module: GR3T-14B321-AA Chip type:XC2361A-72F Symptom: SRS indicator turns on & code scanner read airbag code Device to reset: CG100 Prog III Airbag Restore Device How to reset airbag: Remove airbag control module GR3T-14B321-AA and find IC XC2361A-72F Turn on CG100 software Select CG100-III->Airbag Reset->Ford->go to Next Page->select GR3T-14B321-AA CG100 will show you wiring connection Follow diragram […]

CG100 Prog III Repair Volvo V40 2013 Airbag P31406254

How to repair Volvo V40 airbag SRS control module using CG100 Prog III airbag reset tool? Vehicle: Volvo V40 Year: 2013 May Airbag module:P31406254 IC: XC2361A-72F Device: CG100 Prog III & BDM+4 adapter Diagnostic scanner detect SRS fault code and airbag indicator flashes on dashboard V40 Airbag control module location: Remove airbag module and find type and IC Open CG100 […]

Repair Land Rover Discover 4 Airbag SRS FH22-14D374-AC by CG100

How to: Repair Land Rover Discover 4 year 2015 Airbag SRS control module ECU FH22-14D374-AC. Vehicle: Discovery 4 Year: 2015 Airbag type: FH22-14D374-AC Chip type: XC2361A-56F Device: CG100 Prog III airbag reset tool + BDM+4 adapter Airbag indicator flashes on dashboard Remove Discovery4 airbag restraint Control Module  FH22-14D374-AC Open airbag module and find out chip:XC2361A-56F Follow CG100 Prog III airbag restore device wiring diagram to connect […]

How to use CG100 Prog III to read Fiat Lancia BCM D70F3379

I bought the device for nearly a month. I’ve read Fiat BCMs processors(NEC D70F3379) with CG100 Prog III Pics shows how to read Fiat,Lancia and Alfa Romeo BCMs processors(NEC D70F3379) on board,with your CG100 Prog III airbag restore device! connections: Will report more test results. Money well paid. http://www.obdii365.com/producttags/cg100.html

CG Pro 9S12 Programmer EEPROM KM and Immo List

CG Pro 9S12 Freescale programmer, the next generation of CG-100, can perform automatic conversion BMW, Mercedes-Benz kilometer and BMW, Land Rover, Porsche key matching. It combines both CGDI BMW MSV80 key programmer and CGDI MB Mercedes key programmer.   Features Support Freescale 705 series Support Freescale 908 series Support Freescale 711 series Support Freescale 912 series Support Freescale 9S12 series […]