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CGDI MB Renew Mercedes W164 ISM on Bench

How to: reset/renew Mercedes Benz W164 Siemens VDO ISM using CGDI Prog MB key programmer on bench. Follow cgdi prog wiring diagram to connect ISM unit with CGDI MB   In CGDI MB software, select Auto Computer, Module type W164->ISM/DSM/ESM Read ISM information Press Get to calculate erase password Erase password calculated successfully Press Erase Reset ISM success Done. http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/cgdi-prog-benz-key-programmer.html

CGDI Prog MB Renew ECU CR3.31 Virgin Reset Mercedes VITO

How to use CGDI Prog MB to virgin/blank Mercedes VITO Bosch ECU CR3.31.   Select Auto computer function, press Read to read module information CGDI MB read full info. Get erase password Get erase password successfully Press Erase Read module information again Now you can see the ECU is not persionalized nor actiavted. http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/cgdi-prog-benz-key-programmer.html

Mercedes Bosch ME9.7 ECU Reset by CGDI Prog MB

How to Reset/Virgin Mercedes ECU with CGDI Prog MB key programmer.  Remove ECU from car, and connect according to the software wiring diagram Engine computer pin i.e Bosch ECU ME9.7 Open software,enter Auto computer,choose“Engine computer” Software wiring diagram Physical wiring diagram Click ”read” Engine computer related information Click to get erase password, calculated successfully Get the password successfully, […]

How to use CGDI Prog to read BMW CAS ISN via OBD

Here is the easy steps to read BMW CAS3 ISN by using CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer via OBD.   Procedure: Connect CGDI Prog key programmer with laptop and vehicle (shown as picture below) Open CGDI Prog software on desktop Select BMW Read DME ISN function Click on Read CAS ISN Reading data Please remove the key from the […]