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KTM Bench Boot V1.20 vs. V1.199

KTM Bench with new software v1.20 is available in obdii365.com. What’s the difference between v1.20 and the old v1.199 KTM Bench? Similarities: No network update !!! (Otherwise device will be locked) No Token Limitation,Supports Checksums Calculation. Read and write an ECU in two ways: BOOT and Bench Difference: KTM Bench v1.199 cannot be updated to V1.20 directly. […]

Kess V2 , Ktag, KTM Bench Which is Safe thru OBD?

The problem with some ECU’s, is that you can’t read them over OBD (except on some original/high priced tools) and for that reason you may need KTAG to read a full BDM, unlock TPROT (if it’s available), write the modifications back with KTAG and then you can use KESS over OBD to read/write. Here’s how it works in 4 […]

KTM bench, KTMOBD and KTM Flash: What’s the difference? What’s good?

Discuss: KTM bench, KTMOBD and KTM Flash – definition, difference, vehicle coverage What is KTM bench: KTM Bench Boot is the latest ECU programming tool for ECU read and write via Boot mode or on bench. It features: NO LIMITS of the car model and year + NO NEED disassemble ECUs Read and write Bosch ECUs […]