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Original and Clone Orange5 Programmer Which to choose?

Lets Comapre Orange original VS Clone for users whos still confused Orange 5 ORIGINAL with Full adapters = Price 700 euro + Shiping Lisence Price M08V NEW = €50 Immo HPX 9V0 = €300 NEC V850ES/SJ3 V850ES/SG3  UART = €60 NEC V850E2 NEW = €60 So total Price is 1170 EURO ———- Orange 5 Clone With Full Adapters = Price […]

How to Read Renault Clio 4 All Keys Lost Dump with Orange5

Problem: hello I need a dump of my hfm renault clio 4 year 2014 HFM (Hands Free Module) module all keys lost. I found a pinout but I do not know how to adapt it to my programmer orange 5  to read data on NEC processor v850 uPD70F3633. thank you for helping me to realize the cabling. […]

Original Orange 5 Programmer Adapter Schematics

Here are adapter schematics to original scorpio-lk Orange 5 programmer.   Orange-5 Connectors and Panels Adapters compatible with Orange2,3 are attached to connector SE. Microwire 93cXX Connections (DIP8,SOIC8,SOIC14) Adapter for reading ISO smart-card Adapter for Programming microcontrollers ATMEL AT89Cx051 Orange5 Adapter for serial programming of microcontrollers ATMEL AVR Instead of the quartz resonator reference frequency from terminal […]

How to Tell Original and Clone Orange5 from PCB

Let’s check the PCB, adapter and capabilities of Orange 5 original and clone.     Outlook: Left: Original Right: Clone Package: OEM Orange 5 (clone) : Blue board and adapters Original Orange5: Green board and adapters Clone comes with software CD cause software is not able to download and update Original does not with CD, you […]