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Read Volvo CEM Flash 28F400 by Beeprog, SMOK, Wellon etc

Question: Customer asks to add a new key to a Volvo v70 2001 with MC68376 + 28F400 inside.  He bought the car very cheap but there where a lot of parts missing and there is no key/s. A locksmith made the key blade from the door barrel, but there is no chip on it.  Can you […]

EEPROM Programmer TL866II Plus vs. TL866A vs. TL866CS

Mini Pro TL886A and TL866CS in-circuit USB serial programmer are out of production and it is replaced by new TL866 II Plus programmer.   TL866II Plus vs. TL866A vs. TL866CS Programmer DESCRIPTION TL866 II PLUS TL866A TL866CS PIN DECTECTED YES No No 1.8V SUPPORTED YES No No NAND FLASH YES No No ISP FOR 24/93/25 […]