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UPA USB 1.4 Program Toyota Lexus All Keys Lost

UPA-USB programmers will help program the Toyota/Lexus smart keys when all keys are lost. UPA v1.4 … worked! UPA v1.2 or UPA v1.3 … cheap way to have a try! Part 1: How does UPA-USB work Part 2: How to add keys (Second Hand Key) Part 3: Reset ID & Smart Box Part 1: How does UPA-USB work […]

UPA USB v1.3 with Large Scripts Database Free Download

UPA USB v1.3 ecu programmer with huge Scripts database download for free. 100% working, tested on Window 10. Credit to fiazhnd from DK forum.   Highlights; Cas scripts EWS scripts Complete Nippon Seiki solution (autodetect millage) JONSON CONTROLS and much more. Denso solution   Free Download UPA USB scripts (Including 2092 scripts) No pass!!! Second: Denso complete solution […]