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VW Golf PCR 2.1 EGR OFF with Fgtech and WinOLS

VW Golf TDI EGR OFF Simos PCR 2.1 completed successfully Unlock Simos PCR 2.1 with fgtech galletto v54 on bench ERG off with WinOLS ecu remap software Clear fault codes using vag scanner vcd-s or odis photo attached:                     Related post: https://fgtechgallettov54.blogspot.com/2017/06/use-fgtech-galletto-clone-to-write-pcr-21.html

Seat change 130 bhp maps for 150 bhp ECU with Winols

Thread: Winols ecu tuning software…Map changes from pd 130 bhp to pd 150 bhp REMAP PD 130 TO PD 150 THIS PAGE DOES NOT TELL YOU HOW TO REMAP A PD 130 TO 150 BHP. IT IS A COMPARISON OF SEAT LEON PD 130 & PD 150 FUEL AND TURBO MAPS. THIS COMPARISON SHOWS HOW SEAT CHANGED […]

Will MPPS ecu flasher do ECU checksum?

MPPS V18 ECU Checksum Tutorial:   What is a checksum: A checksum is a block of digital data that is used to verify the contents is of the memory is correct.  Upon modifying the data the correct checksum must be calculated to ensure proper operation of the Engine Control Unit (ECU).   What happens if I […]

How to use WinOLS tuning to correct checksums

So here is a little tutorial – how to make checksums for ecu files with Winols tuning software, that should help all of you who don’t know how to do this get started using Winols. Winols 2.24 software download: http://blog.obdii365.com/2016/09/29/free-download-winols-v2-24-ecu-tuning-software/ Winols 1.5 cracked download: (tested 100%) http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/winols-version-1-500-with-unlock-patch.html Checksums are very important, get them wrong and […]

How to Read and Write BMW Bosch DME MEVD172G by KTM100

Purpose: DIY – DME/ECU Read Write and Tuning  2016MY F82 M using Ktag KTM100 master clone ecu tuning tool.   Disclaimer: Credit to su_root on bimmer forum. All information provided is for educational purposes. I am not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may occur to your property as a result of the information provided […]